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Miika Lipiäinen


From a corporate whisky nerd to a distillery entrepreneur dabbling in the corporate bits of the Kyrö Distillery operation. A switch that he does not regret.

+358 400 484 576

Kalle Valkonen

Head Distiller

Before becoming the head distiller, this moustached man was developing biofuels and brewing beer. There's many ways to make the world a better place.

+358 50 3614921

Mikko Koskinen

Branding & Gin

Marketing and gin development is a big shift from product designer, internet entrepreneur and stand-up comedian. But strangely all this helps in this venture.

+358 50 3794642

Miko Heinilä


Isokyrö farm boy who works as a manager in Vaasa in daytime and turns to the master host of the distillery and its restaurant in the evening. His heart beats for Isokyrö. And to visitors.

+358 40 8349835

Jouni Ritola

International Sales

Logistics expert and salesman extraordinaire. He does the international deals and ships the goods.

+358 40 0705575